About who?

My name is John. I am playFlames, and playFlames is me.

I’ve been producing and djing electronic music for 8 years, give or take. I enjoy a nice phat bass and long, melodic walks on the midi keyboard.

I started this music channel after I had a dream in which I died and went to hell. My eyes were held open by specula, just like that scene in A Clockwork Orange, as I was forced to read one milquetoast news article after another about a “fresh” or “hot” new EDM artist who was “generating buzz,” “making waves,” or “blowing up in the scene,” for the rest of eternity. My only respite came on Fridays, when I would have to read snarky hipster Pitchfork-style dissections of indie rock bands instead.

I’m so sorry I waited so long to do this. Please God, spare me from this horrible fate.