— Shaky Beats 2019 —


Count the number of lightning bolts. Nope, you missed a few.


SHAKY BEATS 2019 SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLIST 🤡 (jesus that’s a scary emoji)

WE’RE COMING UP ON one of the best weekends in Atlanta, boys and girls. Shaky Beats has been pretty reliable with solid lineups since its inception, and this year’s no exception.

You’ve got about a week to listen to anybody you haven’t heard yet from that undercard, and I’m here to help (and to help you find many, many flametastic deep cuts from the big names on top of that).

The playlists are mostly identical.1 If it’s all the same to you though, I recommend going with SoundCloud — Spotify’s pretty much always the more aggressive gatekeeper of the two.

DM me your photos and videos from the fest and I might post them and tag you if I love it.2 And if you hear something you love from my playlist yet fail to follow me afterwords, be aware that the negative karma you generate will probably manifest in the form of an unspeakably war-crimed portapotty swallowing up one of your valuables in its nigh-bottomless jowls. You have been warned.

See you out there, fam. 🔥

  1. Certain tracks on SoundCloud can’t be found on Spotify, and certain tracks on Spotify are locked on SoundCloud unless you pay for Go (and I will never put a paywalled track on any playlist — freefolk, I gotchu fam).
  2. This is a valuable reward, I swear. 🤥

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