Electronic music blogs have taken a disappointing turn…

Artist’s depiction of what it literally feels like to be unceremoniously plucked out of your turnup-headspace upon hearing a hot sexy buildup drop into just total wack bullshit.

SLOWLY BUT SURELY, the ol’ free-spirit-sharing-music-for-the-love-of-it trope has been supplanted by a pipeline of shallow gossip and bloated industry ‘news’ coverage. The focus on great music and high-quality content has been supplanted by Twitter slapfights, Buzzfeed-level clickbait, and sterile, watered down press releases written by lazy ‘journalists’ and corporate PR teams. Wherein diehard music fans once enjoyed a raw, yet budding ecosystem, full of creativity and fueled by truly passionate music curators, we now find an eye-rolling echo chamber of mediocrity, filled with naught but wasted time and potential.

If you’re as obsessed with music as I am, then you probably knew all of this already. You probably filtered out most of these ‘blogs’ from your media diet long ago.

We’re well on our way into 2019, and it’s not getting any better out here — if anything, it’s only getting worse. It’s almost enough to convince the real music fans that, well…. maybe ‘music blogs’ just aren’t meant for us. Maybe the world of music curation exists only to help the most insulated of industry debutantes to feel cool about themselves and pat each other on the back, or only to help the most casual of click-happy radio fans find the newest Marshmello track that you’ve already heard1 a hundred times in your Soundcloud or Spotify feed.

I don’t know if that’s really true or not. And frankly, I don’t care.

Because this thing you’re reading right now? This is not one of those ‘music blogs.’ This is something different.

My name is John, and playFlames is my music channel. I’ve been producing and djing electronic, trap, and bass music for eight years, and the only thing I care about sharing great music with cool people.

You’ve heard that one before, haven’t you? I actually mean it.

I have zero fucks to give about drama, “buzz,” industry bullshit, or how cool I look.2

I’m just here to help that tiny little slice of obsessed music fans — my people — find the music they love, and love the music they find, and that’s it.

I’m not out here for the casual music fans — they have every other ‘blog’ in the world looking out for them already. I’m here for the real ones. I’m not an industry insider, or a journalist, or anybody special — I’m just the guy standing next to you, deep in the crowd, at your favorite set of your favorite festival of the year,3 throwing his arm around your shoulder as the beat drops.

And I think we just might get along, you and me.

If you think so too, then follow me. Get my emails. And hit me up. Who knows — maybe I’ll be out at your next festival. ✌🏼


  1. Or skipped. Jesus.
  2. I do usually look pretty cool, but that’s only because my mom helps pick out my clothes.
  3. Might or might not be wearing a shirt. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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